Implementing Body:

Education Department, Government of Gujarat


About the Policy:

The Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP) is a first-of-its-kind policy in the country that shall create a much-needed Innovation and Preincubation Ecosystem Support for Students (IPIES) across the state, by adding to the startup ecosystem of Gujarat and creating a strong innovation-driven culture in the state’s higher education spectrum. 

The policy is aimed to outreach and sensitize 5 million students for innovation and entrepreneurship, covering at least 1000 Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), 10,000 Schools of the State and providing assistance to 5000 Intellectual Property Filing. 



This initiative intends to create an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for optimum harnessing of their creative pursuit:

  • Create a student-centric innovation and incubation ecosystem across academia.
  • Build internal capacity of educational institutions and key components of the innovation ecosystem to enable deployed processes to make sustainable impact at scale.
  • Formulate and implement various interventions and mandates based on learnings from best practices and past efforts to facilitate the journey of Mind-to-market.
  • Scout and nurture innovation and start-ups across academia and enable them for maximum value creation for the industry, society and the state at large.
  • Set up a common robust digital platform that would allow seamless support to stakeholders.
  • Leverage public system initiatives at state and central level, academia, industries and by other ecosystem stakeholders / domain experts and institutions to make an inclusive effort.
  • Build internal capacity of educational institutions and strengthen mentoring processes. 


Financial Assistance:

The support and financial provisions for individual beneficiaries satisfying eligibility criteria, is mentioned as below:

Beneficiary Support
All Beneficiaries • Exposure to Tinkering Lab, Innovation Lab, Incubation Centers 

• Large scale sensitization, events and programs for developing Scientific Mindset 

• Collective/Community level support system and activities

• Capacity Building

Class 9 to 12 • Maximum INR 20,000 per PoC/Prototype /Innovation
Higher and Technical Education • Maximum INR 2.50 Lakh per PoC/Prototype /Innovation 

• IP Support up to 100% of expenses


Type of IPR  Support Provisioned (Up to)
Patents INR 75,000 for Domestic, INR 1.5 Lakh for other countries
Copyrights INR 8,000
Trademarks INR 12,500
International Registration of Marks INR 50,000
Industrial Design INR 9,000
Plant Variety Registry INR 33,000
Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Registry (SICLDR) INR 15,000


Eligibility Criteria:

Any person up to the age of 35 years, who is:

  • A school student of Foundational / Preparatory / Middle / Secondary level (Up to Class 12) 
  • A Diploma / Vocational / Undergraduate / Postgraduate / Doctoral student or an alumna / alumnus
  • Any dropout from school / institute / university 

The innovation of the beneficiary should contribute towards either development or improvement of any product or process or service in existing or new fields; or should be a scalable business model with a potential to generate employment or wealth creation.