MIT Media Lab India 2015

January 17-23, 2015

The Media Lab India Initiative is an outreach program by students and alumni from the MIT Media Lab to bring together a community of makers and creators across India, and to facilitate collaboration and sharing of ideas across boundaries of disciplines, institutions and culture. The goal is to create an environment much like at the MIT Media Lab, an environment that fosters creative exploration of ideas. The event was hosted at the sprawling campus of PDPU (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University). 

ITB 360 by Mr. Achal Bakeri

September 03, 2015

ITB 360 is a lecture series where entrepreneurs share and interact about their experience and walk the audience around their journey of success and failures. Experts heralding from different fields were invited to guide them to a befitting path and motivate our students from their expedition. The guest speaker for this year was Mr. Achal Bakeri, founder, chairman and managing director of Symphony limited. He emphasized upon his mantra: “I believe in selling a dream rather than a product” and suggested in believing the same. The event was hosted at PDPU auditorium.

Startup Exhibition at ENERASIA

September 26-28, 2015

ENERASIA was an International Summit wherein energy leaders from around the globe participated in a Mega Exhibition, a Human Resource Conference. Several seminars were organized as well. It provided a global platform to the stakeholders of the energy sector to discuss innovative concepts, investment ideas and sustainable energy solutions. In this mega exhibition, PDPU IIC had a stall that aimed to make people aware about the organization and give opportunities to enthusiasts who had innovative ideas. The exhibition was held at GMDC ground, Ahmedabad. 

Idea BootCamp at Tessaract 2015

October 25, 2015

During Tesseract, the prominent technical fest of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, PDPU IIC organised a workshop on “Idea Execution and Market Research”. The workshop revolved around the process of proper implementation of ideas, so that it can be executed in the best possible way. The participants were given brief insights about the targeted market, ways to reach and influence them. The workshop was arranged at PDPU campus.