CSR Initiative by ONGC with PDPU IIC & Torch It Electronics Pvt. Ltd.​

January 20, 2018

To create a societal impact and extend the benefits of innovation and entrepreneurship, an event under corporate social responsibility of ONGC was organized in collaboration with Torch-it, as proposed by PDPU IIC. The event addressed and delivered solutions to the major problems faced by the visually impaired individuals by distributing ‘Saarthi’, a product developed by Torch-It to aid them. The event was quite a success with more than 70 participants attending the event.

Workshop on Leadership and Teamwork by Dr. Sapan Shah

February 01, 2018

This workshop entailed deliberations about Situational Leadership and its pros and cons. It provided an insight about balancing leadership qualities in terms of personality, decisiveness, knowledge and role power. The participants also learned about the concept of teamwork and how a team is different from a group. The workshop was attended by 92 participants and was held at PDPU IIC office.

Workshop on "How to take action on startups" by Mr. Sandeep Patel

February 12, 2018

During the workshop, Mr. Sandeep Patel, CEO of Let’s Recycle, talked about his entrepreneurial journey, the problems he encountered and how he overcame all the problems and succeeded with support of the incubation centre. He also talked about the on-ground reality of a waste management business and the strategies implemented to succeed. He also discussed the financial aspects of the waste management business. The workshop was attended by more than 30 aspiring entrepreneurs and was organised at the PDPU office.

Smart Gujarat for New India Hackathon

March 24-25, 2018

Smart Gujarat for New India Hackathon – an initiative by the Education Department, Government of Gujarat aims to foster entrepreneurship and innovation amongst students and today’s youth. The initiative of Smart Gujarat for New India Hackathon is taken under Student Startup and an Innovation Policy (SSIP). PDPU IIC organized an insightful Hackathon on 24th -25th March 2018 at PDPU campus and witnessed a participation of over 1300+ students.

Techstars Startup weekend Gandhinagar - Maker edition

April 06-08, 2018

Startup Weekend helps to accelerate the pace of innovation by strengthening the path for entrepreneurs, providing support for entrepreneurial communities and helping to grow the worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem. This 54-hour long event seeks to stimulate the dynamic ups and downs of entrepreneurship for students and provide them adequate mentorship. More than 110 students participated in the event.

Angel investing Dejargoned by Mr. Vikrant Potnis

July 01-03, 2018

‘Angel investing De-Jargoned’, a 3-day workshop was organized by PDEU IIC with an aim to help entrepreneurs in understanding one of the most important aspects of running and scaling a business i.e. Raising Capital. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Vikrant Potnis, an accomplished mentor and skilled venture capitalist. The session entailed several seminars and saw participation of more than 110 attendees

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program at SEMCOM

July 17, 2018

PDPU IIC was invited by SEMCOM to conduct a workshop for spreading awareness on the importance of entrepreneurship. The aim of organizing this program was to offer challenging and engaging ways to introduce students to the central tenets of technological design. The challenge helped the students to build complete understanding about the uses of science and technology in real life with a pinch of fun in the process. The program was successful in sensitizing more than 160 students

Workshop on Market Analysis by Mr. Jatin Kataria

July 18, 2018

PDEU Innovation and Incubation Center organised a session with Mr. Kataria to provide an overview and in-depth understanding of the topic “Market Analysis”. This event highlighted upon market analysis by a comprehensive examination of a market within a particular industry. By examining the dynamics of the market, such as volume and value, possible client categories, buying patterns, competition, and other crucial elements, are extracted using this analysis.

Workshop on Financial Modeling Mr. Deepak Krishnan

July 30, 2018

For a start-up to be investment ready, a pitch deck with a thorough knowledge of financial aspects and business plan is needed. The key part of any business plan is the market analysis and its future projections. For this, PDPU IIC had organized a training program by Mr. Dipak Krishnan. The incubatees were given detailed information on how to go about Financial Modeling, Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Payback Period, IRR and Business Valuation from their business perspective. The workshop was attended by more than 20 startup representatives.

Investors Connect Program at Sardar Patel University, Mumbai

August 10-11, 2018

The aim of this event is to strengthen the startup ecosystem, encourage the angel investors and HNIs, to invest in start-ups and to help the business incubators to have insights from the investors and experts on how start-up investments work. The program incubated 24 startup ideas and was held in association with NIDHI-TBI.

Techstars Startup Weekend - Women edition

September 07-09, 2018

PDPU IIC with Techstars Startup Weekend Ahmedabad chapter organized Techstars Startup Weekend Women edition. Startup Weekend, is a community initiative formatted as a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, and graphic artists pitch startup ideas, form teams to develop innovative solutions, receive crucial mentorship and present the final prototypes or demo to the jury on Sunday evening. The event witnessed participation from 50+ women aspirants and 10 idea presentations, out of which 3 winners were selected at the end of the event.

Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit

October 11-13, 2018

Government of Gujarat organised 2nd edition of Vibrant Gujarat Start-up and Technology Summit 2018, for expanding business horizons and fostering entrepreneurship. PDPU IIC participated in the start-up showcase with its 18 incubated startups. PDPU IIC’s incubated start-ups bagged 4 awards for its exceptional efforts as incubation centre and many of our startups were offered funding support as well. 

Startup Showcase

October 16, 2018

PDEU IIC organized a start-up showcase for its 50+ incubated startups on 16th October, 2018, as a platform for the start-ups to showcase their ideas and display their innovative products/ services to different ecosystem players including investors, global delegates and the entire PDPU family. The showcase witnessed a footfall of more than 350+ visitors. The showcase was organized at the sprawling campus of PDPU.