Business Plan Competition

January 07, 2021 - February 07, 2021

Business Plan Competition was organized for the students of School of Petroleum Management to provide them with an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through the development and presentation of a business idea. The competition entailed a series of Webinars on


  •  How to write a B-Plan?
  •  How to make Financial Projections?



That helped students understand the idea behind the competition and the importance of Business Plan. Furthermore, One-on-One Interaction with the Startups and Mentoring Sessions guided the students. Lastly, they made a business plan for their ideas and competed to propose a business plan for their innovations. Total number of participants were 118, constituting 24 teams, out of which 8 teams were shortlisted during the pre-finale. After due assessment, the winners were announced in the finale. 

Webinar Series - Digital tools for Branding Business Online by Mr. Saurabh Pandey

February 10, 2021

PDEU IIC in association with School of Liberal Studies (SLS, PDEU) organized a webinar on the topic of “Digital tools for Branding Business Online” by Mr. Saurabh Pandey with the aim to help the participants learn about transforming a business as per the emerging digital age. As it has now become crucial to understand the needs of your targeted segment as well as to engage with them on digital platforms. This webinar aimed to enlighten the participants on how to use various digital tools to promote their business online. The webinar was attended by more than 70 participants

Webinar on 'How to Spin your scientific research out of a university and into a Startup' by
Mr. Chandramauli Pathak

February 16, 2021

PDPU IIC in association with the Office of the Research & Sponsored Programs organized a webinar on “How to spin your scientific research out of a university and into a startup” by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. The aim of the webinar was to help the audience plan something beyond the concept of books and help them turn their research into their dream startup. More than 50 participants were a part of this webinar. 


Webinar on 'Before a Startup' by Mr. Anurag Maloo

February 17, 2021

PDPU IIC, in association with FoET, organized a webinar on “Before a Startup” by Mr. Anurag Maloo (Head of Partnerships (Asia) at Seedstars) to help answer the curiosity about ‘How to start a startup’. The aim of the webinar was to help aspiring student entrepreneurs understand all the work involved in starting a business and the work that goes beyond a successful launch such as planning, research, putting a business plan together. Over 80 participants were a part of this webinar. 

Startup Training Program by Mr. Payank Patel and Mr. Ankit Joshipura

March 02, 2021 - May 01, 2021

PDEU IIC has always tried to promote and engage the startups to learn, improve and empower.  In the same pursuit, we organized a ‘Startup Training Programme’, a 360-degree program to help startups grow and achieve their invention & market. The program included 12-training sessions on Soft skill training, Managerial training, Marketing training, Personality training, Sales training & Financial training starting March 1st week. The sessions were held both online and offline mode. Around 350 entrepreneurs participated in the programme. 

Leadership Management Training Program by Mr. Srinivasan Ranganathan

April 23, 2021

PDEU IIC organized a virtual Leadership Training Program for selected startup founders/ co-founders and employees of IIC. The training program was conducted by Mr. Srinivasan Ranganathan, co-founder and managing trustee at Inside-Out Foundation. This program was conducted specially for the matured startups at IIC. The workshop was organized with a vision-oriented plan to build a mindset that is less survival-oriented and more growth-oriented. More than 30 startups attended the program. 

Business Planning Training Program by Mr. Bhupesh Sood and Mr. Milapsinh Jadeja

June 04-11, 2021

Start-ups come to an incubator with their innovative product/service/ technology ideas. With great offerings and technical know-how, they also need to develop business acumen, to take the product/service further into the market. With this objective, PDPU IIC in association with SEC Global Consulting and Initiatives LLP, organized a special training program called ‘Business Planning Training Program’ for its incubated start-ups. The 10-hour program majorly focused on three areas of business- The Business Plan, Go-to-Market Strategy and Financial Projections. Around 25 startups benefited from this training program.

Let's Hack 4.0: Electric Mobility and Energy Storage System

June 05, 2022 - July 10, 2022

PDEU & PDEU IIC, through this 7-week long in-house hackathon, aimed to inspire the students, and to sow a seed of energy storage system and electric mobility for a sustainable India. The Hackathon not only put their knowledge to the test, but also provided them an opportunity to network and learn from experts from industry and academia. More than 500 students participated in this contest.


Investors Connect

June 22, 2021 - July 03, 2021

PDEU IIC, under the guidance of IC Dept, Government of Gujarat, organized a ‘Pitch to Investors’ event between June, 2021 and July, 2021 to bridge the gap between startups and investors for Gujarat-based startups. As a part of this initiative, PDEU IIC hosted a series of events for both startups and investors to supply them with information on the targeted investment talks, followed by a final pitching session that served as a performance platform for both parties. With this, the aim was to strengthen the state startup ecosystem, encourage the local angel investors and HNIs, to invest in start-ups, and to help the business incubators of Gujarat get insights from the investors and experts on how start-up investments work. More than 250 startups applications were received. 

Founder’s Talk by Mr. Shani Pandya, Mr. Aditya Shukla and Mr. Hunny Bhagchandani

August 25, 2021

PDEU IIC organised an E-founders talk, which commenced with introduction of startup founders, and later extended towards deliberation on 9 startups, their problems and solutions, and ideas behind the product. Later, the founder of Saltech Design Labs gave a brief about his journey and highlighted the importance of networking and partnership. At the end, there was a brief discussion about a startup ‘Torch-it’, that inspired the audience. 

Webinar on 'Identifying Customer Pain Points and Building Solutions'

September 09, 2021

This online event explained why building a customer-centric solution is important for any startup. Examples of startups like Menstrupedia, Language Curry, and of the movie Oxygen were discussed by the speaker- Dr. Kruti Patel, where customers’ emotions were at the center point of the business. Around 170 participants attended the webinar.

Webinar on 'From Product to PnL' by
Mr. Anay Mashruwala

September 29, 2021

The webinar highlighted the importance of research that each person carries out in day to day life. The learned speaker- Mr. Anay Mashruwala, talked about products, and explained how a product is an article that is manufactured for sale, and how an entrepreneur can get some value out of it. More than 120 participants attended the webinar. 

Webinar on 'Industrial Product Designing' by Ms. Khushboo Shah

October 05, 2021

The event highlighted that product design focuses on conceptualizing a product/system/service that takes care of the user’s needs and experience, while fundamentally solving a problem relevant to its usage, making the product/system/service better to make, use, and sell. Ms. Khushboo Shah emphasized upon the 10 steps involved in the process of product designing. More than 100 participants attended the webinar. 

Startup Showcase 2021

October 12, 2021

The event showcased 20+ startups incubated at PDEU IIC in the domains of healthcare, agriculture, automobile, and mobility solutions, EdTech, FinTech, waste management, manufacturing industry 4.0, IT/ITeS, and many more. The showcase offered the PDEU family, including students, faculties, as well as management an opportunity to explore the world of startups, network with like-minded people, explore the opportunities for internships at these startups, engage in interesting discussions, leading to bridging the gap between the university and the startups. The showcase witnessed a footfall of more than 500 visitors.