Visit of Dr. Praveen Roy to PDEU IIC

January 10, 2023

Dr. Pravin Roy, a renowned category ‘F’ scientist at National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEBD) under Department of Science & Technology (DST), visited PDEU IIC to overlook the facilities that has been built for the start-ups incubated at PDEU IIC. He interacted with start-ups’ members to discuss how to build synergy in the start-up ecosystem such that it is more beneficial to start-ups. 

Founder’s Talk by Ms. Sejal Purohit

January 16, 2023

With the initiative to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, PDEU IIC organised Founder’s Talk on January 16, 2023 for the students of School of Liberal Studies (SLS), PDEU. The adroit speaker Ms. Sejal Purohit walked the audience through her journey of ebb and flow in creating her brand- Seven Springs. She also enlightened the students on the importance of continuous evaluation in the product development and value creation stage. The event proved to be inspiring, insightful, and a great success in achieving its goal of promoting and supporting the start-up ecosystem.

Founder’s Talk by Ms. Shikha Shah

January 16, 2023

To commemorate the emerging start-up ecosystem of India and bolster the spirit of innovation among budding entrepreneurs, with the motive to endorse this notion and nurture entrepreneurship, PDEU IIC organised an intriguing and insightful seminar for SLS 3rd Year students “Startup Talk” with Ms. Shikha Shah, the guest speaker, who acquainted the students with the journey of  her startup “AltMat”. This initiative aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and start-ups, that are to act as a backbone of the growing Indian economy.

Seminar on Commercialisation of IPR
by Dr. R.R. Hirwani

January 20, 2023

To nurture entrepreneurship and leverage the potential of innovation among our faculty and staff, PDEU IIC hosted a seminar on the topic of ‘Commercialisation of IPR’ by Dr. Raj Hirwani. The seminar entailed several engaging activities and intriguing case studies. The session encapsulated the years of experience and expertise into this seminar that helped the participants gain insights on IPR.

Seminar on Design Thinking and Corporate Innovation by Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar

January 20, 2023

To endorse the objective of National Innovation and Start-up Policy 2019 (NISP) that intends to guide HEIs to promote student-driven innovations and faculty innovation activities on campus, PDEU IIC organised this seminar to encourage the faculty members at university to pursue their innovative ideas and guide them with requisite expertise. 

Workshop on Introduction to Business Model Canvas
by Mr. Anay Mashruwala

January 31, 2023

PDEU IIC conducted the session with an objective to enhance the knowledge of students about customer segments, value proposition, revenue streams, channels, customer relationships, key activities, key resources, key partners, and cost structure through Business Model Canvas. Mr. Anay Mashruwala commenced the session by introducing the foundations of the Business Model Canvas, through visual depiction of a business model that highlighted all critical strategic factors. He gave students a wide snapshot of every aspect of their business – everything from the value proposition and customer segments to operations and the financials.

Workshop on Drafting of Business Model Canvas by Mr. Anay Mashruwala

January 31, 2023

The event aimed to impart in students the skills of designing a Business Model Canvas by outlining the aspects required to create a successful Business Model Canvas that can be utilised as a tool to enhance business operations. Through analysis of numerous case studies of entrepreneurs, the event also focused on the growth of entrepreneurship, emphasising its value to society in the form of job creation, economic contribution, and alike.

Start-up Founders' Interaction with Students

January 31, 2023

PDEU IIC organised an interactive session with startup founders for the students of School of Liberal Studies (SLS), PDEU. The aim of the session was to give students and potential future entrepreneurs  an opportunity to learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs discussed topics like financing, prototyping, marketing, business strategies and alike. The session also illustrated the problems one experiences during  their entrepreneurial journey. It was an interactive and insightful session.

Skillset Training for CEOs and Incubation Managers

February 22, 2023

The training session in association with FundEnable, aimed at disseminating and updating the incubator managers and employees about what traits to look for in a startup applying for funding and incubation, as well as categorising businesses based on the criteria critical to success. He also addressed the skill set necessary for incubation managers, as well as methods for locating a suitable investor for raising funds. 

Visit of Officials of SSIP Govt Polytechnic

March 9, 2023

PDEU IIC hosted a visit for the team of officials from the ‘SSIP Government Polytechnic’ to provide them with an insight about the incubation environment and present them with the system through which the organization provides assistance to young entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey. The visit was made by the officials of the SSIP cell of Government Polytechnic institute Ahmedabad, and it majorly focused on describing the different domains PDEU IIC has spread out to, and identify any future prospect of future collaboration in potential areas with the visiting officials.

Visit of Students of
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar

March 10, 2023

The students of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Gandhinagar, paid a visit to PDEU IIC in order to learn about the startup landscape and how they can avail services and facilities rendered by PDEU IIC to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The students of NIFT had a great exposure to the technical aspects on how startups work and how IIC is involved in supporting the incubatees. The visit was beneficial especially for the fashion-tech and innovation pursuing students as they got to interact with and view the back-end of product development and execution.

Visit of Officials of
Gujarat Pollution Control Board

March 11, 2023

A team of experts and officials from the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) paid a visit to PDEU Innovation and Incubation Centre to examine and assess a variety of start-ups working in the field of renewable energy and waste management. The objective of their visit was to survey and understand about the surveys (start-ups) which were working in collaboration with PDEU IIC in their field of expertise.

Visit of Students of
Vishwakarma Government Engineering College

March 24, 2023

Students of Vishwakarma Engineering University were given an opportunity to visit PDEU IIC and explore different facilities and services provided by PDEU IIC. Before the visit to the IIC office, the students were made aware about the start-up ecosystem and the incubation centres by the employees at PDEU IIC. This brief was followed by an interactive Q/A session. After briefing they visited the prototyping, Rapid IPR, 3D Printing facilities, workshop, and machinery available at PDEU IIC. They were also given the opportunity to interact with start-ups incubated at PDEU IIC.

3-Day Bootcamp on Pitch Deck and Financial Model Building

March 28-30, 2023

In the current scenario, Investors are looking for companies that can be scalable and can grow faster addressing day-to-day issues. Therefore, to get Investors on board, PDEU IIC, in association with Fundenable, conducted a bootcamp on Pitch Deck and Financial Modelling to tap potential funds to contribute towards the development and efficiency of the start-up. 

PDEU Students' Sensitization on Start-up Eco-system

April 10-13, 2023

PDEU IIC hosted several classroom visits with the vision of ushering the facilities and opportunities provided by PDEU IIC to the students of School of Technology (PDEU SOT). The visit was designed in a way where students can get the thorough understanding of the working of an incubation centre along with how we can help students achieve their goals. The event bolstered the efforts of creating and growing a culture of entrepreneurship at campus. The visit broadened the students’ perspective about the start-up ecosystem, and inspired them to brainstorm on how they can turn their creative ideas and technical know-how into reality.

Workshop on
Go-To-Market, Brand Building and Digital Marketing

April 26, 2023

The workshop “Go-To-Market, Brand Building and Digital Marketing” held on April 26, 2023, organised by PDEU IIC in collaboration with Fundenable, aimed to assist start-ups in analysing, reviewing, and planning their marketing and branding strategies. The event focused on providing expert guidance in three key areas: go-to-market strategies, branding, and digital marketing. The purpose was to equip start-ups with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop effective marketing approaches and establish a strong brand presence in the digital landscape.

Visit of Delegation from UP

May 08, 2023

In order to set up an incubation centre in Uttar Pradesh, a team of 11 delegates visited PDEU IIC with the purpose of exploring prospects for collaboration and nurturing a dynamic ecosystem for startups and emerging entrepreneurs. The visit proved to be an enriching experience, as the delegates were introduced to the centre’s mission, vision, and its crucial role in supporting start-ups, fostering innovation, and facilitating entrepreneurship. They gained an understanding of the resources, facilities, and services available to startups within the incubation centre.

Visit of Students of
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

May 07- 12, 2023

To nurture the students of age group 12-16 years through educational endeavours, to impart comprehensive knowledge of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and to push them to create sustainable ventures, PDEU IIC hosted students from EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India). They were walked through all the facilities and services provided by an incubation centre and the process of how can they get incubated at the centre. The students also had a chance of interacting with the founders and witness prototypes of these startups.

Visit of Officials from Anant University

June 13, 2023

PDEU IIC was honoured to host officials from Anant National University, its Makespace, and Incubator – Aarambh, who visited PDEU IIC to gain insights into our incredible journey and incubation space. The meeting was a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between our respective incubators, paving the way for innovative partnerships and groundbreaking initiatives. Together, we aspire to create a powerful ecosystem that nurtures and empowers potential entrepreneurs.

Induction of Students of School Of Management, PDEU at PDEU IIC

June 21 - 22, 2023

The event was organised  to apprise the students of School of Management (SoM) with the startup ecosystem and walk them through the journey of being an entrepreneur. They were acquainted with how an incubation centre can play a critical role in turning potential ideas to successful ventures. After a discussion between the start-ups and students, team PDEU IIC organised an interactive and entrepreneurial activity- ‘The Pitch bag’, for the students so as to give them exposure to entrepreneurship.